Commercial UAV expo
- 31 Oct 2016 -

Airobotics made an appearance at Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas. Airobotics’ CEO Ran Krauss spoke on the merits and benefits that automated drone operations offer and introduced the company’s industrial automated drone solution.

Ran Krauss, Airobotics CEO presented the following presentation on Wednesday Nov. 2, 2016, 4:15-4:30PM, as well as took part in a panel session titled: “UAVs for Mining and Aggregates” on Nov. 2, 2016 4:30-4:45PM.

Automated Missions: Taking Humans out of the Equation

Inspecting industrial facilities and surveying mining sites are time consuming, expensive, and dangerous as well as essential tasks. The products and services currently used for inspecting and surveying industrial locations are oftentimes unable to access certain areas depending on the terrain, may provide low-resolution data, and tend to be exorbitantly expensive. The concept of using UAVs to obtain high-resolution data from complex industrial environments has gained attention across the world. However, UAV operations are limited due to the need for field operators who must be present for each flight. In his speech, Ran will address how mining facilities now have the opportunity to use revolutionary technology to accomplish inspections and surveillance–drones that are fully automatic. The end-to-end service plan that Airobotics offers encompasses drone technology that is self-deploying and industrial grade. Ran will share how Airobotics’ solution both removes the risk of human error and provides high-quality, analyzed data on-demand through pre-scheduled missions and 1-click launches.

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