Geektime DevFest 2016
- 20 Nov 2016 -


Koby Molcho, head of software development at Airobotics, presented at Geektime DevFest on November 20th, 2016. The event took place at David InterContinental Hotel in Tel Aviv and Koby’s talk started at 2:15pm. In his lecture titled: “Connecting Between the Clouds” Koby discussed valuable do’s and don’ts when it comes to connecting drones and the cloud. Koby will also discussed best practices between IoT and Big Data coupled with Machine Learning. His talk was part of the “Beyond Your Fingertips” DevFest track, which focused on the interfaces of the future and companies, services and products that are bridging the gap between technology, the world and us.


Geektime DevFest is part of Geektime Techfest, the leading technology festival in Israel. This year Geektime Devfest’s annual event will focus on topics such as web and mobile development, big data, IoT, VR, and more. Geektime Devfest, the largest developer event in Israel, brings together over 1,000 developers to network, learn and discuss the hottest trends in the industry. The event is organized together with Elevation Academy.


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Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel