IoT Israel Summit
- 14 Nov 2016 -

Airobotics attended IoT Israel Summit on Nov. 14th at Smolarz Tel Aviv University. Efrat Fenigson, Airobotics’ Head of Marketing, presented Airobotics at 10:50 am.

The Airobotics’ drone, Optimus 1, was on display at the Startup Arena.

IoT Israel Summit is the leading conference and exhibition focusing on Israel’s involvement in the global business of Internet of Things (IoT). The conference spotlights international visionaries and thought leaders and attracts people from all levels of the IoT ecosystem. This includes: Investors, entrepreneurs, technical experts, academics and everyone active in fueling this trend. Additionally, the exhibition will include IoT companies of all sizes. Anywhere from start-ups to conglomerates, from Israel as well as abroad.

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Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel